Driving in a Downpour

I knew that the second I pulled out of my garage, it was going to start raining. And I was right. (To be honest, it was more like two minutes to rain and then another minute to downpour, but the point stands.) I don’t mind driving in rain, but I am not a fan of driving in a torrential downpour. It’s nearly as bad as driving in snow and/or ice. At one point, it felt like I actually was driving in snow because every other car on I-75 S was driving at least 30 MPH below the speed limit with their hazard lights flashing. These people had clearly never experienced actual treacherous driving conditions. The conditions were bad, yes, but they didn’t warrant the freakout other drivers seemed to be experiencing.

Why was I even on the road in a torrential downpour? I had to go to the library to return some books and check out others. Admittedly, I could’ve waited and made the trip when it wasn’t raining. I had three separate “why am I driving right now?” moments on my trip to campus. But then I remembered that it’s July (part of the rainy season and, oh yeah, hurricane season) in Florida. It will never not be raining. (Case in point: it stopped raining for a little while on my trip home, but as I write this it is coming down in sheets.) So I sucked it up, completed my errand, and even stopped for groceries on my way home. (I needed Ellio’s pizza.)

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