Brand New

Holy shit. I…there’s no…I just…I have no words (but that’s not gonna stop me from writing). Seriously though, I can’t begin to explain how amazing Brand New was tonight. They played for nearly two hours (longest set I’ve ever seen them do by far) and they were just phenomenal. They played almost all of my favorite songs (including closing with “Play Crack the Sky” – I could die), but that wasn’t what made the show so special. No, it was the way they were playing, their attitude; they were loose and it seemed like they were having fun. As much as I adore them, I have always had to admit that they didn’t seem to enjoy playing live whenever I saw them. Jesse kind of alluded to that when he said that they sometimes “forget that [they’re] a band,” but he also said how much fun they’d had rehearsing for these three shows. Speaking of, man I wish I could go to the two shows they’re playing on Long Island (or at least the one show that Sainthood Reps is opening), but I can’t (and not just ’cause they’re sold out).

So, was the show worth the expense of flying up here and staying in hotels? Fuck yes. I can’t wait to look for YouTube videos from tonight (but not until after I finish my last paper of the semester).


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