Brand New Cocktails

I had thought about doing a list of things that are currently making me happy, but then I realized there’s really only one thing making me super-happy right this second.  So, no list, just a short post about this one thing.

It turns out that a bar and restaurant in Philly named all of its cocktails after Brand New songs.  Naturally, this caught my attention since it combines two of my favorite things: Brand New and booze.  The bar is called Ela and I might even have the chance to go there someday seeing as how it’s in Philly and all.  At the very least, someone I know could go there and steal a menu for me (something I’ve already requested on Facebook).

I’m assuming Ela is experiencing a huge jump in website traffic today since this was posted on Absolute Punk.  I’ve got to wonder how many times a day bartenders and servers are asked about the (admittedly) bizarre cocktail names.  And how often Brand New fans point out that the song is “Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis,” not “Me vs. Madonna vs. Elvis.”

So, yeah, just a little thing that brightened my day today.  What are some things brightening your day?

Until tomorrow.


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