Once More Unto The Breach

Wow, that’s melodramatic.  It kinda fits, though.  Nothing quite like that feeling of intimidation that comes from reading the syllabus for a class you’re starting.  And I got to read three syllabi today.  Lucky me.  For reals though, I think the only thing more intimidating than reading syllabi is reading job descriptions.

And if the syllabi themselves weren’t enough, it turns out that two of my courses are having regular online classes and the first one was tonight.  At least they aren’t scheduled at the same time.  The other course is meeting on Tuesday nights.

And it turns out I’m actually going to have to do the readings for the third course.  I always start a new semester with high hopes of being responsible, but by the third or fourth week I lapse into old habits of not reading.  (And I do mean old habits.  I remember only reading half of The Hobbit in seventh or eighth grade, even though I kind of liked it.)  However, we will have weekly quizzes on the material, so it seems I shall have to do the reading.  I don’t know how an online quiz will work; that could be interesting.

I spent most of today trying to be responsible and trying to wrap my brain around the three new courses.  It was kind of stressful, especially since I had the surprise three-hour class.  Plus, I was trying to make a blank 2012 monthly calendar to fill in with my school assignments and important dates, but Word was being a huge pain and refusing to download the template.  It was very annoying.  But, as I’ve been drafting this post and drinking my Candy Cane Lane tea, I’ve started to chill out.  I feel like I’m in good shape for the semester (or at least for tomorrow).  I may even be able to go to Target tomorrow morning.

Until tomorrow.


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