A New Hope (Or Something)

I apologize for the Star Wars reference.  I couldn’t help myself.  I was trying to come up with a name (and hopefully a topic) for this post and I had nearly settled on “A New Beginning” when I decided that I liked “A New Hope” better.  They both kind of fit.  I like to think of a new week (or month or year) as a chance to start over, hopeful that I will have learned from the mistakes of the past week/month/year.

For all that I start each new semester hoping that I will learn better habits, I give myself the first week off.  The first week of classes features intimidating syllabi and attempts to figure out the best ways to spend my time; I don’t want to expect too much of myself.

No, it’s the second week when I should start waking up early and knowing which courses or projects need my attention on which days.  In that spirit, I made sure to spend some time today getting myself prepped for the week ahead, even though MLK Day appears to be the only federal holiday USF gets off in the spring.

It’s funny, though.  To the best of my remembrance, IUP’s Spring Semester always started the day after MLK Day.  I’ve gotten more or less accustomed to the (to my mind) weird schedules of Florida schools, but every now and then something like that just strikes me as odd.

Here’s hoping I can continue this good behavior for the rest of this week (and beyond).

Until tomorrow.


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