Favorite Band I Only Saw Once

Oh, Silverchair.  How I miss you.  I love days like today when I am reminded of just how awesome you were.

The title is true.  Silverchair holds the title of “my favorite band I only saw once.”  And that’s a total bummer, but I’m so incredibly grateful for that one show.  Especially considering that Silverchair held the title of “my favorite band I’ve never seen live” for 12 years.  And I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that they would hold that title in perpetuity.  But then, miracle of miracles, they put out a record in 2007 and, even more shockingly, toured the states.  I don’t think the tour hit even a dozen cities, but I don’t care because Philly was one of the cities they did play.  I bought a shirt at the show and it’s on the list of t-shirts I will never get rid of.  (By the by, Young Modern, the record they put out in ’07, is really damn good.)

I spent an hour or so yesterday exploring Pandora (no, not the Internet radio site, the Australian National Web Archive).  Me + Web archive = searching for band Websites.  Throw Australia into the mix and I searched for Silverchair’s Website, natch.  It’s there, by the way; Chairpage was archived by Pandora in 1999.  The point is, all the Silverchair stuff made me want to listen to them.  (They may be my favorite band I only saw once, but that doesn’t mean I keep them on heavy rotation, which is a damn shame now that I think about it.)  So last night I listened to 1999’s Neon Ballroom, my favorite record of theirs.  And then I listened to their other records this morning.

So yeah, it’s been a Silverchair kind of 24 hours.  Hopefully I’ll do it again sometime in the not too distant future.

In case you’re wondering, the title of “my favorite band I’ve never seen live” is currently held by either Jimmy Eat World or Straylight Run.  I’ve liked Jimmy Eat World longer (not hard since they’ve been around longer), but there’s still the possibility that I might see them in concert.  That’s far more doubtful for Straylight Run since they more or less broke up.  But then again, I have seen John and Shaun of Straylight Run three times in the past two years (in Taking Back Sunday, of course).  You see why it’s so difficult for me to name a new favorite band I’ve never seen live?

Until tomorrow.


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