Blame It On The Rain

Yeah, I just quoted Milli Vanilli.  I’m a little surprised by that, too.  Oh well.

I do blame the fact that I didn’t get out of bed at 7 this morning on the rain.  My alarm went off and I was exhausted, so I hit the snooze button.  The next time my alarm went off I was more alert and that’s when I noticed the rain.  It was pouring.  It was one of those sounds that just makes me want to stay in bed forever (when I was in college I tended to skip my first class on days when it rained for that very reason).  I figured I could take another 20 minutes and sleep ’til 7:30.

In the end, it was almost 11 by the time I stopped hitting the snooze button.  And I still didn’t get out of bed until noon (I probably shouldn’t keep my iPad in bed).  Unsurprisingly, I got nothing school-related done today, but that’s okay.  There wasn’t anything that really needed to be done.

One other thing before I forget.  Last night, while I was watching Brand New’s videos on their VEVO page (and after writing yesterday’s post), it occurred to me that if there were finally official versions of their videos on YouTube, then there was a very strong chance that their videos were finally available through the iTunes Store.  I checked and sure enough, there they were.  I was thrilled and bought them immediately.  And I give myself bonus points because the timestamps show that the videos became available on VEVO and the iTunes Store on the same day, December 13.  And even more bonus points for correctly guessing that the videos had only recently been added to VEVO (I hadn’t looked at the timestamp before I wrote the post).  But I am disappointed that I randomly discovered these things for myself instead of being informed through the band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  It’s entirely possible that I missed an announcement on both networks, but judging by the small number of views on YouTube, I really don’t think I did.

Until tomorrow.

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