Ode To My New Chair

Well, not an ode, exactly, but I am pretty excited about my new desk chair.  My parents got me my first desk chair when I was in college.  It served me well for a decade or so, but I had to put it out to pasture a year and a half ago.  (Here “put it out to pasture” means “leave it in my office as a horizontal space on which to put paper I want to recycle.”)  When my old-old desk chair stopped working, I turned to the only available chairs I had: my dining room chairs.  It was only supposed to be temporary, but I used a dining room chair as my desk chair for a year and a half.

My dining room/desk chair

Looks comfy, right?  It’s really not so bad for short periods of time.  But sitting for hours straight (like for online classes or when writing 15-page papers in two days) was murder.  Now that my new chair is here, it can join its fellows in my dining room.

My new desk chair (that's an actual desk chair)

So much nicer.  It was custom-built to my specifications (!) and has all the latest bells and whistles.  (Who knew desk chairs had bells and whistles?)  I guess this officially marks the end of Christmas, as this was a Christmas present from my parents.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Speaking of my dad, it’s his birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Until tomorrow.


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