I feel like “simplify” is something of a cultural buzzword right now.  I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I keep seeing that word all over the place.  It’s certainly guiding me.  After all, it’s the first step in my fourth resolution, work on my house.

I look around my house and I know that I have too much stuff.  I know that I have pack rat tendencies.  Who am I kidding?  I have hoarding tendencies.  I still have my old iPhone.  Hell, I probably still have my old (broken) iPod somewhere.  I’m pretty sure I even hoard email.  Do I really need shipment notifications from Amazon from 2010?  Probably not.

The problem is, I like my stuff.  Really like it.  In fact, I feel guilty whenever I throw something away.  (I’ve never watched Hoarders, but I assume this is a trait I share with the “stars.”)  And sometimes it’s hard not to form sentimental attachments to things.

For instance, I was looking in my office closet this afternoon and was hit by just how many winter coats and jackets I have.

Nine coats & jackets? That's not excessive in Florida.

But there are only two that I could bear to part with.  Those would be the two that I bought myself.  Of the remaining seven, one was a Christmas gift from my parents and the other six are hand-me-downs.  Mostly from my dad and his dad.  Four of them were once the property of the US Navy.  See the brown and tan jackets on the right?  They’re both old flight jackets.  The tan one is from the early 40s.  How the hell could I ever get rid of that?  Oh, and the red windbreaker?  That was my maternal grandmother’s.  She let me borrow it gave it to me before my trip to South Africa in 1996.  (She always said red was my color.)  Can’t get rid of that one either.

This is the kind of problem I keep bumping up against in my quest to simplify my life.  I know I’m going to have to come up with a way to deal with it eventually.  Moving and/or storing my stuff will be expensive when the time comes; some of it will have to go.

But not my coats and jackets.  They mean too much to me.

Until tomorrow.


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