To Buy Or Not To Buy

Welcome to a new feature on my blog, brought to you by my own inner turmoil.

I just found out that Taking Back Sunday’s debut album, Tell All Your Friends, is being re-pressed on vinyl.  Yay!  Right?  The 10-year anniversary of Tell All Your Friends is coming up at the end of March, so I had been hoping for a vinyl re-release.  Although I had hoped for something that kinda acknowledged the whole tenth anniversary thing (similar to the tenth anniversary re-release of Brand New’s Your Favorite Weapon – but then again, I’m still conflicted over whether or not I like the new album artwork for the YFW re-release).

And, sure, the vinyl is only 12 bucks (plus 6 bucks shipping – come on, Victory!).  And I really, really want Tell All Your Friends on vinyl.  But I need to save money.  Especially since the price to renew my SiriusXM subscription was twice what I’d expected it to be.  (Thank God I got rid of my DVR when I did.)  Plus, like somebody pointed out on this thread on Absolute Punk, Taking Back Sunday probably won’t make a cent off of this.

But then again, my SiriusXM renewal actually did account for 65% of my credit card bill.  I’ve been pretty good about not spending money so far this year.  What’s one little $18 splurge?  (It probably isn’t helping that I’m listening to Tell All Your Friends right now.)

I could always ask my parents to buy it for me.  But my birthday isn’t until the end of June.  A Valentine’s Day present, maybe?  But what if I ask them to buy me this but then a tenth anniversary re-release is announced that includes “The Ballad of Sal Villanueva” and “Your Own Disaster.”

Wow, I’ve written almost 300 words and I’m still just conflicted.  Blah.  Maybe sleeping on it will help.

Until tomorrow.

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