Feeling Accomplished

Just a quick post so I can feel good about all of the stuff I did today.

For starters, I only hit the snooze button twice.  Then I got up, made breakfast while listening to a podcast (I have a crazy backlog of podcasts on my iPod), and got dressed.  After that came the first big accomplishment of the day: going to the grocery store.  And I bought fresh fruits and veggies instead of frozen, processed stuff.  (I want to eat better, but I’m mostly too lazy to cook.)

When I got home I was feeling so inspired that I decided to finally take a first pass at cleaning my kitchen.  This involved clearing everything off the counter and then taking some Lysol to it.  In the process I was able to fill a cardboard banker’s box with stuff to take to Goodwill.  My kitchen looks a million times better, but it’s by no means done.

Since I had a nice, clean countertop, I chopped some of my veggies so that they would be waiting for me whenever I want to use them.  (Thank you, Rachael Ray, for that tip.  One reason I don’t cook is that the thought of chopping half a cup of green bell pepper exhausts me at 7 PM.)

I even found time to read one of my textbooks and watch the movie Beginners.  (Good movie, but it was kind of weird to see Captain Von Trapp as a gay American.)  And as soon as I post this I’m going to dye my hair (but not a fun color, sadly).

Yep, good stuff happens when I get out of bed before 7:30.

Until tomorrow.


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