Let’s Be Honest

A secret silenced is a secret safe.

Do you ever find yourself unintentionally referencing song lyrics when you’re speaking?  In the sense of using a phrase that is so linked to a song that you end up quoting the rest of the line because you can’t help yourself.  Linkin Park’s “In the End” is the perfect example of this.  (Side note: When I accessed the YouTube page the second most recent comment was “Linkin Park is so old but so cool, nice, f**king nice.”  Linkin Park is old.  Pardon me while I go jump out a window.)  To this day, if I use the phrase “in the end,” I have to continue with some version of “it doesn’t even matter.”

The same thing happens with “On Saturday” by The Clarks.  I am almost incapable of using the phrase “on Saturday” once.  Nope, it becomes “on Saturday, on Saturday, on Saturday.”  On the rare occasions when I manage to refrain from repeating “on Saturday” out loud, I still repeat it in my head.

Both “In the End” and “On Saturday” came out in the early 2000s, but there’s a brand new song that I can add to the list.  (Except the song actually came out in ’06, but whatever.)  The song is “Miami” by Taking Back Sunday.  All of a sudden (as in, just started this week) I find myself using the phrase “let’s be honest” and following it with “a secret silenced is a secret safe.”  This is odd on many levels.  For one thing, I’ve known the song for almost six years but this only became a thing I felt compelled to do this week.  And even weirder, I don’t use the phrase “let’s be honest” very often, so it’s like I’m even being compelled to use it.  I’m not complaining, but it is strange.

In other news, US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is an idiot.  This bums me out because I’m pretty sure I voted for the guy.  Or ’06 was the year I didn’t vote.  One of those things is true. Regardless, I’m glad he’s focusing on important issues right now.  Gotta get that all-important whiny Phillies fans vote.  Gah.

Until tomorrow.

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