I Wanna Dance With Somebody

While an accurate description of how I feel most of the time, it is also my favorite Whitney Houston song.  Actually, that’s not true.  I don’t know what my favorite Whitney Houston song is because I’ve never really bothered to consider it before.  What I do know is that “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is the song that popped into my head a couple of hours ago when I first read the news that Whitney Houston had passed away.  So it seems likely that it is, in fact, my favorite Whitney Houston song.  Or maybe “So Emotional” (the other song the DJ in my head keeps playing) is.

I was never any sort of Whitney super-fan, but the lady could definitely sing.  And she did have some damn good songs.  I always preferred her pop-y, dance-y stuff (see above).  And if I lived the rest of my life without hearing her cover of “I Will Always Love You” again, I’d be pretty happy.  But I know that’s a thing that won’t be happening.  Hell, I’m sure the Grammys will fit it into their Whitney memorial.  And you know they’ll have a Whitney memorial.  People will be outraged if they don’t.

It is remarkable just how full my Twitter feed is with people paying respects to Ms. Houston.  It is pretty much the only thing anyone is talking about.  It’s a little too much to handle.  Is this what Twitter was like when Michael Jackson died?  Because I’m glad I missed that.  So thanks to whoever runs Brand New’s Twitter account for occasionally retweeting pictures from their show tonight.  It has been an incredibly welcome respite.  (Regardless of the fact that pictures of Brand New on stage just make me happy.)

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston.  It’s a damn shame you never made a comeback.

Until tomorrow.


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