My Office Is Dangerous

Not in the sense of actually causing bodily harm or anything.  (Although, if you saw the piles of crap stacked on the floor in my office, you might argue that point.)  But it’s so distracting.

I have no idea how I managed to actually get any work done on work from home days at my old job.  Of course, I did spend a lot of those work from home days using my laptop in my living room, my dining room, and my bedroom.  (Days when the laptop joined me in bed weren’t really what you’d call productive.  At least the mornings weren’t.)

But, see, this is exactly my point.  I keep referring to my laptop because I have more than one computer.  I’ve got an iMac, a Dell laptop, an iPad, and an iPhone.  (Yes, the iPad and iPhone count as computers.)  Half of them live in my office, and the other half travel with me throughout the day.  So when I’m attending an online lecture (on my laptop) in my office I’m still surrounded by Apple products.  And they are oh so seductive.

And I get bored.  So I start playing Cut the Rope.  Or I decide that it’s the perfect time to sync my various devices.  I’m not proud.

During my Tuesday class last week I wrote a note to myself in the margin of my notebook.  It says “how did I ever survive when I was in in-person school?”  And God knows some classes were harder to pay attention to than others.  But I think I figured out the answer.  First, palm size computing devices didn’t really exist when I was in college.  (I mean, I had a Palm Pilot that my parents gave me my senior year, but I never really used it that much.  It certainly didn’t have any games.  The only real effect my Palm Pilot had on my life was a change in the way I write capital ‘T.’  True story.  When I write a capital ‘T’ now it looks like a ‘7.’)  Hell, I knew maybe one person who took a laptop to class.  Secondly, most of my classes were lectures.  We didn’t really have anywhere to hide.  The professor could tell if you weren’t paying attention.  Even though I was a computer science major, I had very few classes in computer labs.  Which was smart on the professors’ part because whenever I had a computer in front of me for class I would log on to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), check my email, and surf the Web.

Maybe my choice of major wasn’t so weird after all.  It’s clear that I am endlessly distracted by computers.

I guess the answer to my problem is to attend classes in another room in my house and leave the toys in the office.  I think I’ll try that even though it’ll feel weird to be without my iPhone.

Also, the promo for next week’s Castle that just aired promised to leave viewers “shell-shocked.”  This is supposed to be an advertisement?  It’s supposed to make me want to watch next week’s episode?  I don’t see it.  Granted, it’s Nathan Fillion on TV, so of course I’ll be watching.  I’d watch Castle even if it sucked.  (Thankfully it doesn’t.)  But I don’t see waiting all week to become shell-shocked.  Maybe it’s just me.

By the way, welcome to my brain.  I’d had this thought about my office being distracting for hours, but then I saw the Castle promo and I wanted to talk about that as well.  There’s no connection between the two subjects (other than my crazy brain), hence the lack of any sort of segue.

Until tomorrow.


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