Bored, Me? Yes!

I used to think there was nothing more boring than a presentation in which the presenter simply read his or her PowerPoint aloud. Or a bigger waste of time, for that matter. That was before I had a weekly online class in which the prof pretty much just read the slides aloud.

Yes, I’m still hung up on my inability to pay attention in my online classes. And placing the blame on as many external factors as I can rationalize. (And I’m excellent at rationalization. Just ask my college roommate.)

But, come on. We’re in grad school (library school, no less); we have proven that we are all literate. And this prof provides the slides for us to download. Why am I giving up 2.5 hours of my time to be read to? It would be one thing if the slides were just bullet points and she fleshed things out in her lecture. But no, the slides are verbose and there is no value add in listening to her lecture. (Ah, “value add,” one of those awesome business buzzwords that I can’t seem to purge from my vocabulary.)

Admittedly, this particular rant only applies to my Tuesday class. The prof in my Monday class more closely resembles the positive example in the above paragraph. I don’t have a good excuse for not paying attention in that class. Except, y’know, my ever so distracting computers. Next week I really will try a new location for that class. Hopefully it will help.

I know I’m being kinda flip about this issue, but I really do feel guilty about it. I really do want to pay attention in my classes. Just, y’know, not enough to actually do it (apparently).

Until tomorrow.


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