The Land Of Wawa And TastyKakes Is Here?

I received confirmation over the weekend that the long-rumored Tampa Wawa Wawas will be built.  And soon.  Yay!  Right?

Well no, not really.  According to the article they won’t be open for a year.  A year!?!?  In the best case scenario, I will be in the actual land of Wawa and TastyKakes a year from now.  At which point I kind of won’t care about Tampa Wawas (and it’s all about me).

But it is really freaking awesome that Wawas will be built in Tampa (even if it’s totally lame that they chose to build in Orlando first).  Someday I will be able to buy a damn TastyKake pie at a Wawa in Tampa.  At least, I’d better be able to.  Wawa will kind of be worthless here if it doesn’t offer soft pretzels and way more TastyKake varieties than are currently available here.  (I’ve seen at least 10 different varieties of TastyKakes in stores in the past year, but no pies.)

As the article points out, Wawa food is really good.  Wawa also used to be both my favorite gas station and my favorite place to tap MAC (as they say).  But I’d be lying if I said that one of the major reasons I wanted Wawa to come to Tampa wasn’t the hope of TastyKakes and other food I can’t really get here.

And speaking of the article, allow me to complain about three small things.  First of all, “cultlike followers?”  I don’t appreciate that turn of phrase, especially coming from a paper that makes an annual habit of running exposes on an actual local “cult,” the Church of Scientology.  Secondly, the article claims that Wawa is “named for a wild goose.”  That sounds like the chain’s founder had a pet goose named “Wawa” and that’s not exactly correct.  According to Wawa’s Website, “‘Wawa’ is a Native American word for the Canada Goose that was found in the Delaware Valley, that’s why we use the goose on Wawa’s corporate logo.”  Finally, who the hell calls convenience stores “C-stores?”

Wow, I got kind of rant-y considering that this is actually fantabulous news that I’m really excited about.  The important thing is that Wawa is really coming to Tampa.  Hooray!

Until tomorrow.


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