Tweets From The Future

Today I experienced the phenomenon that I call “tweets from the future.”  Now, today wasn’t the first time I experienced this phenomenon.  In fact, I experienced it approximately 162 times last year.  The weird thing is, I had completely forgotten about it until this afternoon.  And I’m kinda surprised that I forgot it since I enjoyed it so much last year (most of the time, anyway).

See, today marked the first time that I watched a baseball game between two MLB teams (Phillies and Yankees) this year.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t broadcast on any Tampa cable network.  No, it was broadcast on CSN Philly and I was watching it through the miracle that is and the MLB At Bat app.

The only (little, bitty) problem with is that the feed is a little behind the live feed on actual TV.  And that is why I’m able to get tweets from the future.  Approximately 95% of the Phillies fans that I follow on Twitter live in the land of Wawa and TastyKakes and they’re watching the game on CSN Philly or PHL 17 or wherever that day’s game is being broadcast.  Which means that they’re always a couple of seconds ahead of what I’m watching.

This tweets from the future phenomenon isn’t as annoying as it might sound.  For the most part, the tweets I’m reading match up to what I just saw.  But sometimes my feed will be flooded with UUUUUUUU or Chorch or something else that would tell me that something good was about to happen in the game.  (For example, a home run from Raul Ibanez or Carlos Ruiz.)  I really enjoy those future tweets.  The other type of future tweets, the ones that presaged doom, aren’t as much fun.  But they don’t seem to happen nearly as often either.

Today’s tweets from the future were the good kind.  The Phillies’ third baseman, Hector Luna, apparently made a great catch.  Or something.  I never actually got to see it because that was when my WiFi decided to start going wonky and I had to give up the video feed.  (That’s a problem that’s far more annoying than tweets from the future, but I can’t blame for it.)

Really, the weirdest thing I saw today was this thing on Scott Podsednik’s hand.

Is it a mitten?

For the record, I am fully cognizant of the fact that I’m not getting tweets from the future.  In fact, I think it’s good for the superstitious fan in my head that what I am watching has already happened.  I can’t do something dumb like hold my breath in the hopes that Chase Utley will tie the game; Utley’s at bat has already happened.

Until tomorrow.


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