Just a quick post with a couple of random things I found on the interwebs today:

  • IUP’s men’s and women’s basketball teams were selected to their respective NCAA Division II Tournaments.  Go Crimson Hawks!  (Yes, I know that’s a dumb team name.  It’s not my fault that the NCAA made them give up the team name they had when I was a student.  I still think they should’ve gone with Squirrels or Jumpin’ Jimmies.)  This year I found out about it before the tournament started, which is better than a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon the men’s team playing in the championship game on TV.  (An IUP team on national television – it was weird.)  And then they lost 😦
  • It turns out that AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is still a thing.  Who knew?  I saw an ad for it on Spotify this morning and had to check it out.  I was kinda tempted to download it, but AIM will never be as awesome as it was when my college roommate and I would carry on two separate conversations, one spoken and one on AIM, while in the same room.

Okay, it’s past my bedtime (for reals).

Until tomorrow.


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