Happy Pi Day

As someone nerdy enough to claim Pi as her favorite number, I am ashamed to admit that I only learned of Pi Day in the past 10 years.  Now Star Wars Day (May 4th), on the other hand, that one I’ve known about since high school.

Well, maybe being nerdy had nothing to do with claiming Pi as my favorite number (although I am definitely a nerd).  Maybe it was more of a combination of not really having a favorite number and being a smart ass.  That’s actually more truthful.  But being a nerd inspired that smart ass answer.  How many non-nerds even really remember Pi (and I don’t mean the various digits of Pi, I mean the concept itself)?

I did minor in Math, after all.  (Random fact about myself that I had forgotten until a minute ago.)

The Pi Day Website suggests baking a pie to celebrate Pi Day and, well, I didn’t do that, but I wouldn’t have said no to a TastyKake pie (if only they were available here).  (It’s way too easy to get Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes and Butterscotch Krimpets down here now, so my obsession has turned to pies.  You’d better believe I will be stockpiling them at Wawa when I go home in a month and a half.  TastyKake pies and Wawa soft pretzels, oh yes.)  However, I did listen to Hard N Phirm’s “Pi” a couple of times in honor of the day.

Until tomorrow.


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