March Blahness

Please, tell me about your bracket.

On second thought, please don’t.

Sometimes I feel like the only person in the country who doesn’t get all excited for March Madness.  But honestly, I couldn’t care less about college basketball.  And I don’t see why a month-long tournament should change that.  And don’t tell me that bracket pools make it exciting.  I have never been remotely tempted to enter a bracket pool.  Nor do I understand why other people who don’t follow college basketball in the slightest enter bracket pools.  (The only possible explanation I can come up with is that they have money to burn.)

Which is not to say that I don’t end up rooting for any teams.  As this past Super Bowl showed, I can’t not pick a team to root for in a sporting event I am watching (and try as I might, it’s hard to avoid March Madness).  My whole life that has meant rooting for the Philly teams.  Since Temple is the only Philly team in the tournament this year, I’m also rooting for Lehigh (way to beat Duke!).  This year I have a conundrum, though.  The University of South Florida (a/k/a the place where I am attending grad school) is also in the tournament.  I ought to root for them, right?  But they’re playing Temple (a/k/a the place I considered going for my undergrad because of a potentially awesome scholarship and a school I’ve been rooting for in March Madness for decades).  And I really used to hate USF athletics.  To be fair, I hate all Florida sports teams at all levels with the exception of the Clearwater Threshers (they’re baby Phillies, they don’t count as a Florida team) and the possible exception of USF teams (because of that whole school spirit thing that I am oddly susceptible to).  If I’m being honest, I’m rooting for Temple.  There’s too much old baggage for poor USF to overcome.  And I know I’ll be bummed if USF wins, while I’ll be perfectly content if Temple wins.  (And now that I’m writing this, friggin’ USF has taken the lead, 28-23.  C’mon Owls!)

Oh, and over in Division II land, I officially no longer care.  Both of the IUP teams are now out of their respective tournaments.  The Men’s team fell in the first round, while the Women’s team made it to the second.  It’s funny that I didn’t get an email from the Alumni Association letting me know 😉

Wow, I’ve written 400 words on something that I really don’t care about.  Weird.

Until tomorrow.


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