How I Spent St. Paddy’s Day

It wasn’t getting drunk.  It wasn’t even drinking.  It was watching baseball, baby!

My parents got me Phillies Spring Training tickets for Christmas and today was the day I finally got to use them.  I was intentionally not talking about it here because I didn’t want to jinx it.  My parents and I have only gotten tickets for one Spring Training game a year since ’09 and the past two years something happened that denied me the ability to watch the game.  The game in ’10 was cancelled due to the weather and last year I was working in March.  (Last year’s crappy temp job just happened to be five minutes from Bright House Field, though, so I watched one whole inning on my lunch break.)

Today was gorgeous, though.  Blue skies and temperatures in the low 80s.  Although we could’ve done with a bit more of a breeze.

We bought lunch (cheesesteaks – on Amoroso rolls – yes, that’s important) en route to our seats.  Our seats were pretty good – in right field just past first base.  But since we got off to kind of a late start since I’m a sleeping-in slacker (whoops) both teams were done with batting practice by the time we sat down.  Since there was nothing going on on the field when I finished eating I took a picture of the lineup to post to Instagram and Facebook (and here, teehee).

I don't know this woman, but I bet she had her picture taken a lot today.

I brought my camera with me as well since it has a better zoom, but most of the pictures ended up being kind of blurry (as you will see).

Jimmy Rollins just before he homered
Ryne Sandberg coached first base today, I have no idea why
I was stoked that one of my favorite players, Carlos Ruiz, started
Another highlight was the Phillie Phanatic (he doesn't come to every Spring Training game, y'know)

After a couple of innings I had the same epiphany that I had about concerts a decade ago: I’d rather experience the event fully than through a viewfinder.  So I put the camera away.  (I swear this was in no way motivated by my inability to take a halfway-decent picture.)  And, really, I was having so much fun that it would’ve been silly to stress about taking pictures.  The only real downside to the whole day was the group of drunk Canadians behind us who got kinda obnoxious when the Blue Jays took the lead.  But the Phils walked it off in the tenth so, y’know, that was awesome.

We Wonned!

Yep, today was a good day.  The Phillies won.  I ate nothing but Philly foods: cheesesteaks and soft pretzels at the game, hoagies (also on Amoroso rolls) and Herr’s potato chips for dinner.  And I got a new green Phillies hat.

Until tomorrow.

P.S.  It’s Paddy, not Patty.


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