Freshly painted nails in celebration of the season 🙂

Happy Vernal Equinox, everyone!  If you’re one of the approximately eight billion people who claims Spring as your favorite season, Happy Start of Your Favorite Season!

For the record, Spring is not my favorite season.  Spring’s okay, but I much prefer Summer.  And not just because my birthday is the second day of Summer.  Summer’s just the best.  Let’s face it, the most badass chick on The O.C. wasn’t named Spring Roberts.  (Sometimes I shouldn’t be allowed to share my thoughts.)

I saw a bunch of pictures of trees in bloom on Instagram today.  Apparently pictures of pink flowering trees are the official indicator of Spring 2012.  But, well, blooming trees aren’t really that big of a deal in Florida.  I also spent an hour skimming the 200+ posts I missed recently on HelloGiggles and the one feature I never skipped past was Nails of the Day.  When you combine Instagram pictures of pink things and Nails of the Day you get the picture above 🙂

For serious, though, HelloGiggles’ Nails of the Day is a good and bad thing for me.  On the one hand, it inspired me to actually paint my darn nails (yay!).  I hadn’t really done that in ages and I missed it.  On the other hand, it makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of nail pens and yet more bottles of polish so I can go crazy with the nail art (boo!).  Cosmetics are most definitely on the list of things I cannot buy right now.  Especially since I just broke down and bought a box set of The Hunger Games trilogy.  (It was only 30 bucks!  And I had a gift card that covered part of it!)

S’anyways, I am very much looking forward to the days getting longer.  And working on my tan.  And possibly listening to this acoustic version of Brand New’s “Limousine” about a million times (it’s so gorgeous that I about died when I discovered it this afternoon).  And (meaningful) baseball.  Lots and lots of baseball.  (Even if the Chase Utley news did inspire some impressive gallows humor.)

Until tomorrow.


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