Good News

I’m still not feeling particularly inspired, but here’s a list of things I learned in the past 24 or so hours that made me happy.

  • My beloved Wawa will be close to my parents’ house!  Supposedly.  My mom read a little article in one of those lame local “newspapers” that just show up in your mailbox regardless of whether you want it that listed two West Pasco Wawa locations.  Both are pretty close to my parents’ house, but one would only be a couple of miles away.  I can find no confirmation of this, however.  Friggin’ Wawa’s Website only wants to talk about the stupid Orlando/Kissimmee locations.  I get it, Wawa, you only want to acknowledge the locations where you have broken ground, but I’m still mad that you chose to start in Orlando.  There are way more Delaware Valley transplants in Tampa than Orlando.  And don’t talk to me about Sea World (or the Wawa that will be built across the street from it).  Doesn’t it make more sense to start your campaign to take over Central Florida in a place where you have brand recognition?  Doesn’t it??  Sorry, that got rant-y.  S’anyways, this article talks about Wawa taking over one of the locations my mom mentioned (the one further from their house), but it seems less sure of Wawa’s plans than the article my mom talked about.
  • Mike Sweeney is now an analyst at MLB Network!  That’s awesome.  If you’re curious about why a Phillies fan would care so much about a bench guy that we had for a couple of months (or why Enrico mentioned hugs in his post), I present this.  Sweeney and his hugs are the best and I love that guy.  And I have the shirsey to prove it 🙂
  • Speaking of the Phillies, Jim Thome still looks pretty good at first base.  (If you’d prefer to watch it without having to listen to T-Mac and Sarge, Crashburn Alley has GIFs.)  The big test, of course, is how he feels tomorrow, but I’m choosing to remain optomistic.

Okay, technically I didn’t so much learn the Thome thing as watch it, but whatever.  It still made me happy.  As did finding out that the Phillies walked it off in the ninth after I had given up on the game and gone to take a nap.  I know it was just spring training, but I get way too much fun out of rooting against the Rays (and when they can lose to the Phils, it’s even better).  I’m not kidding about the Rays thing, by the way.  I’ve been to one Rays game in the four years I’ve lived here and I spent the game not so much rooting for the White Sox as rooting against the Rays.  Good times.

Until tomorrow.


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