Let’s Play A Game

“[They] considered [her] to be a liberal and an intellectual and hence saw her as a threat.”

I read that sentence this morning and the game is for you to tell me who the liberal and intellectual threat in question is/was.

Give up?

It was Princess Augusta, wife of Prince William of Prussia, heir-apparent to his brother the King of Prussia.  (Full disclosure: I laugh whenever I encounter the phrase “King of Prussia” and it has nothing to do with the ginormous mall in southeastern PA.  I have issues.)  The book I’m reading, a biography of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, was talking about the mid-19th century when Princess Augusta was considered to be a threat by her husband’s family in the Prussian court.

I was really struck by the idea that Augusta’s perceived liberalism and intellectualism made her a threat.  It’s good(?) to know how little things have changed in the past 150 years.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, Prince William became more than just the King of Prussia.  He became Kaiser Wilhelm I, Emperor of Germany.

Until tomorrow.

Gill, G. (2009). We two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, partners, rivals. New York: Ballantine Books.


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