Happy Baseball!

Opening Day is here!  Hooray!

(No, the two game series the A’s and Mariners played in Japan last week doesn’t count.  I mean, do people even know that those games happened?)

Even though my team doesn’t play its first game until tomorrow, it’s still pretty damn awesome that there was a meaningful (read: not Spring Training) baseball game on ESPN tonight (even if it was the Cardinals and the Marlins – ick).  But, ESPN, you can try and try and try but you’ll never convince me that the Marlins have fans.  Things the Marlins have: a shady owner, a weird new stadium, an utterly horrendous new logo and the uniforms to match (seriously, what are their colors, rainbow?), and a “home run sculpture” that is a crime against humanity.  Things the Marlins do not have: fans.  This is Florida, people here don’t care about baseball or if they do, they care about the team from the place from whence they relocated, not a Florida team.  Trust me, I live in Tampa, the Rays are good and people still don’t show up to games.  I’m pretty sure the Phillies’ Spring Training games this year regularly outsold average Rays’ attendance.

Wow, okay, this wasn’t actually supposed to be negative.  I mean, baseball!  But I got annoyed at ESPN tonight.  (Oh, and don’t even get me started on Muhammad Ali “throwing out the first pitch.”  Seeing a frail old man with Parkinson’s disease being driven by the world’s slowest golf cart is not a fitting tribute to his first title fight.  Plus, I know I was looking at Muhammad Ali, but all I was seeing was my late grandfather, so thanks.)

But for serious, baseball is (really, truly) back and you’ll get no complaints about that from me.  Plus, I got some appropriate reading material from Amazon today 🙂

Am I looking forward to reading these? Oh yes.

Until tomorrow.


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