Who’s Got Time?

Not me.

I’ve got a term paper to research and write over the next several days.  And two PowerPoint presentations to put together.  Thanks for the Easter weekend homework, professors.  So there’s no time for blogging today.

I spent all of my allotted free time watching Community30 Rock, and, oh yeah, a Phillies baseball game that actually means something!!  *Kermit flail*

I had forgotten how much more fun regular season baseball is than spring training baseball.  Spring training baseball is boring, especially in the later innings (unless you’re actually at a game).  I’d also forgotten how much a Phillies win brightens my day.  The only thing that was less than perfect was that the game was in Pittsburgh, so there was no celebratory video of Harry Kalas singing “High Hopes.”  But YouTube has the answer to that.

Until tomorrow.


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