“You, Sir, Are A Disney Prince”

Oh Sue Sylvester, I never agreed with anything you said more.

Wait, what?  Did I watch Glee tonight?  Even though I gave it up after sectionals or regionals or whatever the hell it was in the last episode that aired last year?  Yes I did.  And do you know why?  Two words: Matt.  Bomer.  *swoon*

I’ve had a thing for Matt Bomer for years.  Seriously.  Since he played Luc on Tru Calling.  (Why does Eliza Dushku get all the hot boys?)  And then a couple of years after that he showed up on Chuck as Bryce Larkin.  And even though Bryce Larkin was Chuck’s (supposed) nemesis, he was just so, well, Matt Bomer (read: sexy and charming) that I couldn’t help liking him.  But then I discovered White Collar and, oh, Neal Caffrey.  I less than three you (as the nerdy kids say).

The point of all that was this: I like Matt Bomer so much that when I found out he was playing Darren Criss’s older brother on Glee this week (and what a great bit of casting it was), I felt compelled to watch.  Especially after I saw their duet on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” on the interwebz last week.

Wow, okay, I didn’t know that I was going to wax quite so rhapsodic about Matt Bomer.  But this seems like a good enough place to sign off for the day.

Until tomorrow.

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