What Is Going On?

I’m so confused!

The Phillies won. And they scored more than one run (hell, they scored more than four runs). They got back-to-back hits. I don’t understand any of this.

(It is my God-given right as a Philly sports fan to be sarcastic about my teams. Regardless of how much I love them.)

F’reals though, this game was so awesome. It didn’t have the most auspicious beginning, but that just made the offensive explosion that much more fun. And the “FREDDY! FREDDY!” chants that broke out at CBP as Galvis came up to bat in a huge spot in the 3rd warmed my freaking heart!

And if the Phils winning wasn’t enough weirdness for one night, I’m watching a playoff hockey game right now. (Or I was until Voracek scored the game winner less than 2.5 minutes into OT.) I don’t watch hockey (because I really couldn’t care less about it), but my Twitter timeline tonight was pretty evenly split between Phils and Flyers and after the Flyers tied it up at about the same time as the Phils game ended I felt compelled to find the Flyers game. So congrats on the game one win, Flyers. Get those 15 more wins so Philly can have another parade down Broad St.

Oh, and the Sixers won too. Making today a 3-for-3 day in Philly professional sports šŸ™‚ Apparently it’s just the 24th time that’s happened. Which seems far too small to me, but what do I know?

Today wasn’t all awesome, though. I didn’t get any schoolwork done. But I think I deserved a day off, so I’m okay with it.

Until tomorrow.


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