It Worked

I bet you’re feeling pretty proud of yourselves, aren’t you, Phillies?  I mean, you got 14 hits, right?  But 11 (eleven!) of those hits were singles.  Only hitting singles is okay if you can string together three or four of them, but you guys couldn’t really do that.  There were a lot of back-to-back singles which turned into guys stranded on base.

And then when the offense exploded on the strength of several *gasp* doubles, they were from Laynce Nix, Pete Orr, and Ty Wigginton.  Those guys?!?  For crying out loud.

Oh, and don’t get me started on Juan Pierre.  Making the third out in the bottom of the 4th while trying to steal third base.  Why the hell were you even trying to steal third base?  That was so phenomenally stupid, I can’t even.

All of that being said, however, I do appreciate you beating the Mets.  I’ll take my offense from wherever I can get it. And I realize our fill-in infielders will need to do their part to keep the ship afloat until Howard and Utley get back.

(By the by, eventually I’ll stop doing this.  The Phils will lose a game despite my sarcasm the night before.  Or I’ll get bored or find something I’d rather write about.  But for the time being, I think I’ll keep this up.)

Until tomorrow.


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