I Think I’m On To Something

Seriously. I think I’ve figured out how to paint my own nails without constantly worrying that they’re gonna get chipped. (This is a thing that occupies my thoughts.)

Don’t paint the tips. Or rather, wait and paint the tips just before leaving the house (but not so late that I leave the house with wet nails and they get all messed up in the car). Right now my nails look like they are badly chipped, but in reality I just haven’t finished painting them yet. It’s kind of genius.

I had this epiphany because I’m planning on doing a two-tone, faux French manicure kind of thing. But it could conceivably work with more traditionalist, single color manicures.

Or I suppose the other thing I could do is get my nails done professionally and get acrylics or gels or whatever (I’ve never actually gotten a manicure, I don’t know the lingo). But that costs money. And I have this weird thing about my cuticles (leave them alone). Plus, I pride myself on my ability to grow my nails. Not like that’s very helpful anymore, though. The screens on my iPhone and iPad do not like my nails. But back in the day people were always asking if my nails were real.

Oh, and since I’m writing so late because of yet another West Coast Phillies game, it behooves me to say hells yeah Phils!! A win! Two runs! Worley setting a career high for strikeouts! Not that this was a very efficient way to win ball games. You’re very rarely going to be able to score on a wild pitch. But whatever, a win is a win is a win and I will take it.

Until tomorrow.

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