Chicago Transit Authority

Yeah, I saw Chicago tonight. It was pretty awesome 🙂

My parents found out they were playing Ruth Eckerd Hall while they were at a Moody Blues show last month. They asked if I wanted to go and (as soon as I found out they’d pay for my ticket) I said “hells yeah.”

Yesterday I listened to a greatest hits CD I stole from my parents to get pumped up for the show. You know what I learned from that experience? Eighties’ Chicago was really friggin’ bad (don’t kill me, woommate – “You’re the Inspiration” is the exception). Seventies’ Chicago, on the other hand, was awesome. Thankfully there was a lot of 70s Chicago in the show.

I do feel like I missed out on many potential learning experiences by being at the show with my parents instead of my old roommate (Chicago is her favorite band, you see). Oh well.

Things I did not expect to see at the show: the bassist/singer rocking scene hair/a mini fauxhawk. (Hmm, I guess that’s more a singular thing than plural things. And plural is plural, not singular. I could change it, but why?)

There’s a very good chance this will be the only show I get to this year. (Unless Brand New plays somewhere I can realistically get to. As has been demonstrated, I will move heaven and earth to see them. Oh, and Bamboozle is not a show I can realistically get to, regardless of how much I wish it were.) But if it is, you won’t catch me complaining.

Until tomorrow.


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