What Is There To Say

I’ve been working, working, working (when I haven’t been feeling like crap) today.  Blah.  But I did get to use the word “obfuscate” in my paper (love that word!), so that didn’t suck.  And the Phillies had to go and lose a game that the Padres kept trying to hand them on a silver platter.  But at least the Flyers beat up on the Pens to advance to the next round in the playoffs.  And the Sixers’ magic number is down to one.  (I’d be more excited about these things if I cared about hockey and basketball, but whatever.)

In other news, it’s Daniel Johns’ (singer in Silverchair, ex-husband of Natalie Imbruglia) birthday today.  To celebrate, here are some Silverchair videos.  (It’s also my aunt’s birthday, but she doesn’t have awesome music videos on YouTube, so I’m feeling okay about my decision to focus on Daniel Johns instead.)

First up is “Israel’s Son.”  If there was one song I was bummed Silverchair didn’t play when I saw them at the TLA, it was this one.  Even more so than “Tomorrow.”  The intro to this song will always be one of my favorite things.

And on the other end of the Silverchair spectrum is “Miss You Love.”  Featuring lots of close-ups of Daniel Johns’ awesome glitter eyeshadow.

I hadn’t watched “Miss You Love” since I was in college (and I’d never seen “Israel’s Son” before), so this was an excellent plan.  But it’s back to the salt mines for me.

Until tomorrow.


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