This is both an accurate description of my feelings after watching tonight’s Phillies game (the second game in a row in which Doc gets handed the loss because the offense can’t get its collective head out of its collective ass – good job, guys) and my brain after writing 3,000 words for my last assignment.

Yeah, I wrote a 12-page paper today.  And I’m pretty proud of that 🙂  It’s not quite finished yet, but I got enough done for the day.  And besides, it’s not due ’til 11:59 PM tomorrow.

Scratch that.  It’s now due by 11:59 PM 5/3/12.  I may be the first and only person to get pissed off when a professor extends the deadline for an assignment, but pissed I am.

I checked the BlackBoard site about an hour ago just to verify that the assignment was, in fact, due tomorrow and not tonight.  And what do I see when I check?  An announcement from earlier today that he extended the deadline by five days.  Five fucking days!  I wouldn’t be mad except for the fact that he announced it today.  Today!  Don’t fucking tell me that my deadline has been pushed back the day before the original deadline.  That doesn’t do me any good.  I spent the past several days working my ass off to get the damn thing done by the original deadline.  And believe you me, I will turn it in before the original deadline.  Not least because at 11:59 PM 5/3/12 I will be in Philly (well, Cherry Hill) – home, home, home!!

The funny thing is that every time I think I can’t dislike this professor more, he sinks to a new low.  I’m so, so glad that I waited to complete my course evaluations.  Again, I may be the only student to bitch about the new, later deadline, but I don’t care.  I also get mad when other drivers don’t follow the rules of the road in order to be nice to me (this mostly happens when they stop without a stop sign to let me turn from my stop sign).  So fuck you very much, Dr. Asshat.  Enjoy your shitty evaluation.

I’m so mad that I’m swearing on my blog, which I mostly try to avoid doing.  This is a sign to stop.

Until tomorrow.

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