Month In Review: April

Alright, another month in the books.  I’m pretty sure I failed miserably with my resolutions, but let’s get into it.

  • Take better care of myself.  Yep, I completely dropped the ball on this one.  I’m still blaming that on spring break.  I did still eat pretty well, though, so I get to give myself partial credit.  But not as much partial credit as last month.  Ah well.  Onwards and upwards.
  • Read every day.  Alright, no room for improvement on this one.  And I actually stuck to it, so yay!  I only read 2.5 books this month, but that’s okay.  The point is to read every day, not how many books I actually read.
  • Blog every day.  I thought it was impossible to improve on this one, but I think I actually did this month.  I blogged twice in one day, which brings me to a grand total of 31 for the month.  Hooray!
  • Work on my house.  Somehow I feel like I regressed even further on this one this month.  Yikes.  C’est la vie.

Okay, so good marks for two, below average marks for one, and abysmal marks for one.  Not great, but I can only improve, right?

In other April news, my (seeming) apathy semester is over now.  Thank God.  And the trek towards Philly starts tomorrow when I go to my parents’ house, so that’s freaking awesome.  And the Phillies ended the month on a kind of high note.  A win is a high note, right?  Honestly, I’m glad I stopped watching after the fourth inning.  I saved myself some stress 🙂

Until tomorrow.

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