Think Happy Thoughts

Classes start tomorrow.  I’m trying to be as positive about that as possible.  (Not that I don’t want to take these courses, but I could use a bit more of a break.)

This has been a pretty good day, though, so positivity is a little easier to come by than normal.  The Phillies won (the game and the series).  The season finale of Once Upon a Time was phenomenal (and not really what I’d expected).  I got to watch tonight’s episode of Sherlock in its entirety and without interruption (as opposed to last week, when I could only keep half an ear on Sherlock while having a family dinner).

The most positive thing of all, though, is the fact that I’m back in my own house.  The weird thing is that I hate my house (not kidding), but I’m so thrilled to be back.  I’m very confused.  I’m sure I’ll be back to thinking that buying this house was the worst decision I ever made in no time, but for now I’ll continue thinking happy thoughts.

Here’s wishing all of us a good week.

Until tomorrow.


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