Back To The Grind

Today marked the beginning of the Summer C 2012 Semester.  Woohoo.  I celebrated by reminding myself that my sleep habits are still all 57 varieties of messed up.  Blah.  The snooze button is my best friend and my worst enemy.  On the bright side, I woke up to the news that Brand New is playing a second show in Asbury Park this weekend.  Not that I can go (brb, crying), but any shows they announce make me super happy.  Shows are steps in the right direction, y’know?

Now that I think about it, the Facebook post this morning promised more news “later.”  I read that as “later today,” but there has been no more news.  Whatever, the mere promise of news makes me happy.  See, obsessive fandom is fun 🙂

Plus, the Phils and Sixers decided to make up for Saturday’s oh for two by going two for two tonight 🙂  Not that I was watching either game.  The un-fun thing about giving up my DVR is that I have to choose between watching my shows and watching my team(s).  Bring on the summer TV season when there is precious little I actually want to watch on TV.

All things considered, this was a pretty good day.  Awesome.

Until tomorrow.


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