I Blame Wheels

I don’t know what was more annoying tonight: MLB.tv’s perpetual freezing or Chris Wheeler’s perpetual fretting. It may actually be a draw because when it froze for the billionth time as Reed Johnson came to the plate in the ninth I realized that I didn’t care if it unfroze because I didn’t want to listen to Wheels whinge. So I did what I should have done much earlier and launched At Bat on my phone and listened to Franzke and LA call the final out. Much better.

For serious, who decided to pay Chris Wheeler to talk during televised baseball games? He’s annoying at the best of times and tonight (especially in the last few innings) wasn’t the best of times. The worst part about his constant doomsayer act is that I kinda think he enjoys when things go poorly. At least, that’s the vibe I got tonight. Y’know, it’s “oh, you think I’m crazy for refusing to feel confident about an 8-3 lead in the ninth inning, well look, runs are scoring, the lead is dwindling, who’s crazy now?” (By the by, the answer is Wheels. Wheels is crazy.)

Also, I really do blame Wheels for the way the ninth inning played out. You can’t put that much negativity and worry out into the universe and not expect the baseball gods to give you something to actually worry about.

It’s weird that I’ve written 200 words whining about Wheels considering that everything worked out in the end.  The Phils won! They’re over .500 for the first time since Opening Day! Doc finally got a damn win! Chad Qualls stayed safely in the bullpen! (Can’t help it, sorry. I don’t think the Qualls-bashing will stop any time soon.) Most importantly of all, Chooch continued to be amazingly amazing! (If you’re so inclined, vote Carlos Ruiz for the All-Star Game.)

On the other hand, at least Wheels gave me something I felt like writing 200 words about. I hadn’t felt particularly inspired today.

Until tomorrow.


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