Things That Are Awesome

  • Phillies wins (they also really lift my mood)
  • I’m pretty sure that Freddy Galvis is, in fact, wearing liberty bell stirrups with his high socks, which is so, so awesome – as is the fact that I think there are other guys on the team doing it as well
  • I wrote one paper (due today) and most of another paper (due tomorrow) today
  • I’m feeling way less stressed about school than I was just a few days ago
  • Discovering new bands through Alternative Press (I’m really liking Daytrader and Tallhart right now, so thanks Alt Press)

Things That Are Not Awesome

  • Cliff Lee still doesn’t have a win this year
  • Hitting the snooze button repeatedly (it seems awesome at the time, but it is not)

Things That Are Neutral Awesome

  • This New Yorker piece about Doctor Who and Community. I know what you’re thinking, how could that be anything other than awesome? Well, I’ll tell you. The article consistently refers to the protagonist of Doctor Who as Doctor Who, as if that was his name. It’s not his name. His name is the Doctor. The joke, you see, is that he introduces himself to someone as the Doctor and they reply, “Doctor who?” But that does not make Doctor Who his name. His name is the Doctor. This drove me up a wall for two reasons: 1) the woman who wrote the article claimed to have watched the extant Matt Smith years and I’m wondering how someone intelligent enough to write for the New Yorker was unable to pick up on the fact that the central character’s name is not the same as the show’s name and 2) the fact checker let something blatantly wrong (and easily checked all over the Internet) through.
  • Roy Halladay will be on the DL for a while, but he doesn’t need surgery (the diagnosis was so much better than it could’ve been that I am grateful)

All of that paper writing pretty much fried my brain, so lists were about the best I could do.

Until tomorrow.


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