Thank God For My Happy Place

Ugh. After watching the Orioles walk it off in extra innings for the second time in two days there was only one thing to be done. I needed to go to my happy place.

So I did.

My happy place is listening to Brand New, especially The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me and Deja Entendu. It should surprise no one who knows me (or reads this blog) that this is the case, but I didn’t officially designate Brand New as my happy place until last year. I was working a crappy temp job (which I eventually started calling “this effing hellhole” in my head – it was Lent) with an evil commute and my daily listening diet of Brand New was pretty much the only thing keeping me sane.

So don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here listening to Devil and God on vinyl repeatedly. Or at least until 9 when The Glades comes on. (I don’t want to like procedural crime shows, but sometimes I can’t help it.)

Until tomorrow.


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