Getting A Hoagie At The Wawas

“Ohmigod you guys, the touchscreen devices at Wawa are ah-may-zing!” ~ Mitt Romney

Don’t believe me? Watch:

I’ve watched this three or four times since I saw a link on Twitter, and I am dying. But I don’t know what’s funnier: that he’s so amazed by touchscreen (I know he said touch-tone, but he meant touchscreen) devices that have been around for at least 15 years or that no one told him that the store name is neither plural nor possessive (it’s Wawa, not Wawas or Wawa’s).

I try not to be political on my blog, but I really couldn’t pass up a chance to share an honest to God news story about Wawa. I am curious as to where Romney was at the time because Wawa didn’t get a good response, which does point to his having been in Sheetz territory. (One thing that Romney was spot-on about in the video: there is a big divide between Wawa in eastern PA and Sheetz in western PA. They both have touchscreens for ordering food, though.)

In other Wawa news, I received official confirmation that one will be built at the intersection of Ridge and Little Roads in New Port Richey (read: really close to my parents’ house). But not from Wawa. Nope, they’re still only acknowledging the Orlando locations. So how did I find out? I attended a Pasco County Board of County Commissioners meeting for one of my classes and, lo and behold, one of the items on the agenda was a zoning issue to allow this Wawa to sell beer and wine. Unsurprisingly, it was my favorite part of the meeting 🙂 If you’re curious, the commissioners approved it and I cannot tell you how freaking weird it will be to walk into a Wawa and see alcohol. I’ve lived in Florida for four years and I’m mostly used to seeing alcohol in grocery stores and gas stations, but seeing it in a Wawa is just gonna be too damn weird. (If you are unfamiliar, the lovely states of PA and Delaware have super-restrictive liquor laws and buying a bottle of wine or a six-pack is much harder than you might think if you never lived there.)

Wow, this post ended up even more Wawa-heavy than I’d anticipated. But I really ought to be doing some sort of schoolwork.

Until tomorrow.


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