Okay, I’m exhausted, so I don’t really feel like thinking right now. The good thing is that I had some thoughts while at work the past two days and emailed them to myself. This is a thing I do when I’m working. I email myself every day. If I weren’t emailing I’d be writing random things on sticky notes, so at least this way I keep everything together. Plus, I find the emails amusing.

All of that being said, here are some of my thoughts from the past two days, presented with little to no context 🙂

Wednesday, June 20

  • There’s an elevator here that smells of vinegar – ewwwwww (Okay, I have to explain this. I don’t think I’ve talked about it before, but the smell of vinegar makes me nauseous. Herr’s salt & vinegar chips were the bane of my existence in school cafeterias growing up. The best part, though, is that my nose is also extremely sensitive to the smell of vinegar. It’s my own private hell.)
  • While filling out paperwork, it’s nice to be able to look at my hands and see bright, pretty colors on my nails 🙂
  • I feel so weird every time I leave the office because I have no badge (Explaining this one too. My current workplace uses biometric scanners instead of access cards. It’s weird. Plus, 10 or so years of working in places that use access cards have conditioned me to feel naked when I leave the office without my badge.)
  • I am way too literal sometimes

Thursday, June 21

  • Still using XP? Sheesh…
  • Am I supposed to be proactive?
  • Is it weird that I obsessively check my front door for packages near my birthday?
  • This non-chip nail polish top coat may be the biggest rip-off ever; I feel like such a sucker.
  • I have a phone number. I wonder where I’m actually supposed to be sitting
  • Five Kristins (me included) and only one Kristen – surprising (Okay, this and the previous thought came when I was looking myself up in the Outlook directory.)
  • I am an evil genius
  • Apparently I have decided that all your junk food are belong to me (to eat).
  • Why can’t you buy tickets for AMC theaters at anymore?
  • I had to explain Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to my parents last night 😉
  • My parents want to see Ted, but Hysteria is anathema to them. This makes no sense to me.
  • This whole free soda thing is awesome (and evil). But no way to recycle the cans?? Lame.
  • Oh noes, how will I learn about casual Friday?
  • In what world is “noes” an actual word? (huh, it’s the actual plural of “no” – who knew?) (I was surprised that Outlook didn’t complain about “noes” in the previous thought, so I looked it up and actually learned something today.)
  • Important thing I just spent two minutes on: Does that car with the terrible parking job have a Jersey tag? Result: I’m pretty sure, but not positive
  • Holy crap, today is the last day of my 32nd year. Yikes…

So that was a sample of the very important things that ran through my brain while I was at work. That last one is kind of a killer. Tomorrow is, in fact, my 32nd birthday. Do normal people enjoy their birthdays? I’m legitimately curious. I don’t generally enjoy my birthday because a) I tend to have shitty days on my birthday (this has been true since I was a kid) and b) I often end up freaking out about mortality and that’s just no fun at all. Looking forward to it!

Until tomorrow.


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