Yeah Buddy!

I’m exhausted, but I have to quickly share what I did this evening.

I went to my first ever Threshers game. There was this guy playing second base. I think he has a lot of potential. Name is Utley or something.

Batting third and playing second *swoon*

I’ve wanted to go to a Threshers game for years and my favorite player making a rehab appearance seemed like a good reason to go.

I took a handful of pictures with my iPhone. Most of them aren’t any good, but I ran a couple through Instagram and they aren’t too bad.

In the on-deck circle in the first inning.
First at bat. (Hello, high socks.)

Yeah, I pretty much only took pictures of Chase Utley. Don’t judge me. Although I was also really stoked that Jesse Biddle started the game. And I hadn’t known who would be pitching before we got to Bright House Field.

Jesse Biddle and Chase Utley in the field.
I don’t remember what inning this was, so let’s say it was just before his two-run homer 🙂

The Threshers game was a great time. And ridiculously cheap. I paid less than $12/ticket (including all fees) for the good seats. It’s such a shame that Threshers games are so poorly attended. But I did learn a valuable lesson tonight: I could’ve purchased the even cheaper berm tickets and still chosen seats behind home plate. I didn’t see a single usher. My mom and I even sat almost exactly behind home plate for the bottom of the eighth inning.

In the on-deck circle in the eighth inning.

Utley was pulled after the eighth inning, so he never got that last at bat. But he went 2-3 with a home run. And he made a couple of good plays in the field. These are all incredibly encouraging things 🙂

Plus, the Threshers walked it off in the ninth! And not to be outdone, so did the Phillies! In fact, both teams won on walk-off errors. It also marked the first time all season that the Phillies successfully mounted a late-inning comeback. On June 20! But I will take it, I will take it, I will take it.

Crap, it’s late. Must go to bed.

Until tomorrow.


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