What did you do for Chase Utley Day?

I began the day by obsessively checking social media for official word that he was, in fact, being activated from the DL today. Once it was officially official, I was able to relax a little bit and search the Interwebz for some Chase Utley greatest hits (as it were). Like this video of one of my all-time favorite Harry Kalas calls. (Seriously, watch it because it’s awesome.) Oddly, though, I found myself spending more time on interview-type moments instead of on the field moments. For a guy who is well-known for a kind of antagonistic relationship with the media, he does have some awesome on camera moments. Like this one

And this (NSFW) moment will always be special to me. It wasn’t technically an interview, but he was on live TV.

Seriously though, everything about the (infamous) “world effing champions” line was amazing and perfect. I actually watched it live (online). I know every Philly news station was carrying the victory parade live (and without any sort of a delay – whoops) and I think most of them were also streaming it online. I spent hours sitting at my desk at my first crappy Tampa temp job, watching (and sometimes just listening) to the 6ABC stream. It was glorious.

But the weirdest thing I did to celebrate Chase Utley day was buy a Led Zeppelin greatest hits record. Now, I don’t like Zeppelin and I never have, but AmazonMP3 picked the absolute perfect day to offer said greatest hits record for $2.99. You see, I had a $1 credit for AmazonMP3. And I did have this overwhelming desire to listen to “Kashmir.” (Especially since they never played it at the Threshers game last week.) Sure, I could’ve just spent the buck on “Kashmir,” but it seemed silly to waste the chance to pay $1.99 for 23 “extra” songs.

(It occurs to me that you might not know what the hell Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” has to do with anything. It is and always has been Utley’s walk-up song. To the point that Twitter exploded during his first at-bat tonight because they didn’t play “Kashmir” at CBP.)

So why did I name my second Chase Utley post in as many days “apotheosis?”

Have you read the Dan Brown books about Robert Langdon? If you have, you probably know that apotheosis means deification or god-making. (Does apotheosis come up in all the Robert Langdon books or just The Lost Symbol? It’s been so long since I’ve read any of them that I can’t remember.) And that is absolutely the thing that Phillies fans do to Chase Utley. Especially the past two years when he has started the season on the DL.

He is seen as a bit of a savior for the team. He certainly seemed like one tonight when he went yard during his first at-bat of the year! (And I see you in the dugout, Ryan Howard, about to start a rehab assignment!) And then Chooch followed with a home run of his own. Man, the first inning was fun. The rest of the game, not so much. But whatever, it is June 27th and Chase Utley is back in red pinstripes and that is freaking awesome!

And I need to go to bed 😦

Until tomorrow.


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