Dammit FOX

I had one reason for watching the All-Star Game. One. I wanted to watch Carlos Ruiz play. So I really just can’t thank FOX enough for interviewing Derek Jeter during Chooch’s first career at-bat in an All-Star Game. And spending half of the at-bat only showing Jeter onscreen was just the cherry on top. And the other half of the at-bat was spent in a split-screen so that my eyes were never denied Jeter.

This is why I hate national sports coverage.

At least Joe Buck and Tim McCarver have been nothing but complimentary of Chooch’s work behind the plate. (And it pains me to say anything nice about them.)

Oh well, at least Matt Gelb wrote this awesome article about Chooch for the Inqy.

Until tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Dammit FOX

  1. Could not agree more. I was on vacation and taped the All Star game.

    Wanted to watch Cooch in his first game and was furious (but not surprised given the disdain that Buck has always shown for the Phillies – I hated him during the 2008 series) that they had the Jeter interview during his first at bat That should have been a time to talk about the best catcher in baseball.

    1. Yep, FOX always manages to screw things up.

      Plus, you reminded me that the ’08 series was when I realized that I legitimately can’t stand Joe Buck. I used to think it was just residual hatred for Troy Aikman, but no, I hate Joe Buck on his own “merits.”

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