I’ve Died And Gone To Heaven

Holy crap, you guys, you will never believe what I found at Target today.

TastyKake pies! TastyKake freakin’ pies!

TastyKake pies at the Brandon Target

So that made my day (week/month).

Honestly, I damn near started crying tears of joy when I saw them. (I wish to God I were joking.) The funny thing is that I never would’ve seen that endcap if Target employees hadn’t been blocking the aisle I wished to enter. (Apparently it was really important that they completely rearrange the coffee/tea/bread/snack cake aisle in the middle of the damn afternoon. Look Target, you’re not open 24/7, you can rearrange your inventory in the off hours.) So I went from being annoyed in an angry way to gobsmacked (in mouth agape, hand over my mouth fashion) in a matter of seconds. And once the shock wore off and I picked myself up a couple of pies (peach and apple, if you’re interested), I got emotional. Man, I have issues.

When I got home I managed to refrain from shoving both pies in my mouth long enough to take a couple of pictures to document this momentous occasion. (Actually, I haven’t eaten the apple pie yet; I’m saving it for tomorrow.)

TastyKake pies in Florida
I still can’t believe it

Until tomorrow.



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