Stormy Skies

I’m at my parents’ house so they can take my luggage to Jersey for me. It’s the best system 🙂

We were having a crazy rainstorm a few hours ago and I was really glad I was here since my parents keep most of their windows open most of the time. (Open in the sense that you can see out of them because the shades aren’t drawn, not actually open.) I actually got to watch me some lightning for once. Yes, I could keep my own windows open, but no.

I found out that neither of my parents likes lightning. My mom said it makes her nervous. I wonder where my fondness for lightning comes from. Now, I’m not a big fan of lightning if I’m driving or otherwise exposed to the elements, but if I’m all snug in a house I love to watch it.

Other than the storm, today has been pretty uneventful. Although my mom did decide to take a nostalgia tour of her childhood by baking two different cakes (including one called hot fudge sundae cake – holy crap). That was kinda cool. And we just watched Joe Versus the Volcano, which is a great movie that I haven’t watched in years. The more I think about it, today was pretty awesome.

Until tomorrow.


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