Bad Trips Can Make Great Stories

But not right now.

It is 3 AM and I am at my brother and sister-in-law’s place in Jersey. (I’ve actually been here for an hour, but we were busy watching House Hunters.) My flight from Tampa got in to Philly at 1 AM. It was supposed to get in at 10 PM. We actually took off almost an hour after we were scheduled to land. Fun.

I was actually pretty calm and chill about the whole thing. I even found it kind of funny. This is not like me, but I’m glad I didn’t have my normal angry reaction.

Apparently there were crazy, crazy storms affecting 10 states tonight. Of course that happens when I want to fly home. But whatever, I made it to Philly safe and sound. I got picked up at the airport and have a place to crash for the night. And tomorrow I’m headed down the shore. All in all, this did not suck.

Until tomorrow.


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