Wildwood Daze

(God, I’m being pun-y. Shoot me now.)

So, half of my vacation over the weekend was in beautiful North Wildwood, NJ. My aunt and uncle have had a house there for 25 years and we started taking family vacations there a year or two after they bought it. It was in terrible shape and needed a lot of work before it could accommodate my extended family of approximately 16 people. It’s gorgeous now. (But no, I didn’t take any pictures of it.)

I already talked about my super-fun flight issues heading to Philly. Like I said in the other post, I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Now, if the flight had been cancelled, it would’ve been a different story. But as long as that flight took off with me onboard, I knew things would be okay. And they were. I think listening to Deja Entendu on my iPod after we took off was also helpful. Even after we landed and I found out that my brother and sister-in-law had fallen asleep while waiting for me at their house, I was cool. What did I care? I was in Philly and that was all that mattered. (It also helped that they live about 20 minutes from the airport, especially when there’s no traffic.)

We got up on Friday late enough that we all felt like we were sleeping in, but early enough that we were able to get to the shore at a decent time. After all, we were all taking a day off, there was no need to get up at the ass-crack of dawn. The best part of Friday was that we got to Wildwood in time to see our two cousins and their little girls. I’d never seen the three-month-old in person and it had been over a year since I’d seen her three-year-old sister (who, by the way, looks like me, which I think is strange because I don’t think her mom and I look alike). I saw my other cousin’s 16-month-old in May, but it was good to see her again as well. Unbeknownst to me, my birthday twin (a/k/a the 16-month-old’s mommy) was taking pictures of us for her blog. I would link to it, but that would go against my plan to blog in relative anonymity 😉 Regardless, it was great to see them, especially since they all went home that afternoon.

The rest of Friday was spent in chill out at the beach house mode. I did eventually accompany my other uncle (who went home the next day, although I hadn’t known that was his plan at the time) to Douglass Fudge on the world-famous Wildwood Boardwalk. So many tacky shirts in the little shops! Phanatic Pillow Pets in the claw machines at the arcades! (Probably much cheaper to just buy a Phanatic Pillow Pet from the Phillies official store like I did.) It was pretty great 🙂 Plus, the several mile walk was good for me since I’m so damn sedentary.

On Friday night we gathered around the tiny TV on the back porch to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I only saw part of it (mainly because I couldn’t have cared less) and what I saw was really stupid. (Mary Poppins fighting Voldemort? What?) Danny Boyle, I am disappoint. I gave up during the parade of nations or whatever they call it, read a little bit, and went to bed.

I slept in on Saturday. (By beach house standards, not by my standards.) Which meant I missed going out to breakfast. I was bummed because going out to breakfast every morning has always been one of my favorite down the shore traditions. But it was good to have gotten sleep. And missing breakfast just meant that I got to have cake, cookies, and candy for breakfast.

We went to the beach in the afternoon. I made it down the shore, I had to go to the beach at least once, right? It was the most eventful several hours I ever spent as a lazy person just sitting in a chair on the Wildwood beach. We saw lifeguards spring into action (which I think is a thing I’d never seen before in my life). Although as far as I could tell it ended up being a false alarm. It was still pretty exciting. And not five minutes later, a plane flew by with a tow-banner marriage proposal. And the couple was not 20 feet away from us. She said yes. I’m not a proponent of public marriage proposals, but it was sweet. My normal soundtrack for sitting on the beach is summery stuff like Jack’s Mannequin or Something Corporate or upbeat, dance-y stuff like Walk the Moon, but with the tide coming in and a bit of a breeze in the air, I decided to listen to The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. It was perfect.

Saturday night included a walk to the Boardwalk so some of us could ride the Great White, a fun wooden roller coaster. Then we rode the tram car back to the North Wildwood end of the Boardwalk so that we wouldn’t get quite as much exercise as we could’ve 😉 Also, the tram cars are better at navigating the ridiculous crowds than a group of seven people is. We also stopped at Dairy Queen for some ice cream. Once we got home, I read some more of Emma and went to bed.

On Sunday morning I went to Mass (under what turned out to be false pretenses). The priest didn’t seem to have gotten the memo that Masses down the shore are supposed to be finished in record time. Sure, there was no music, which definitely does shave time from the Mass, but he talked too damn much in his sermon. (See, this is why I don’t go to Mass. I don’t get anything out of it and instead generally end up angry about something or other.) But we eventually went out to breakfast at Samuel’s and that was awesome (coconut pancakes – yum!). Then we packed up the car and headed back to my brother and sister-in-law’s place. We didn’t hit much shore traffic on the drive, either, which was also awesome.

The rest of my time in Jersey was mostly spent hanging out with my parents. Not exciting, but I enjoyed it. You won’t believe this, but I never made it to a single Wawa. We drove past them, but that was the closest I got. I didn’t have access to a car, either, which meant that I couldn’t just go to Wawa for the sake of going to Wawa.

I flew back to Tampa yesterday morning 😦 There were no weather delays to try my patience; we even landed a little bit early. However, my parents dropped me off at the Philly airport two hours before my flight, which ended up being a very good thing because I spent 50 minutes in line at security. Stupid TSA. I wasn’t allowed to use the so-called Expert Traveler lane because I’m poor and can’t afford a first-class ticket. It’s not called the First-Class lane, it’s called the Expert Traveler lane; it’s bullshit that they have co-opted it for rich people. (Occupy PHL!) And after all of that, I was forced to go through the rape-y scanner, which I hate doing. But I’m never going to opt for the pat-down because while the rape-y scanner is incredibly intrusive, it doesn’t actually invade my personal space. I love the way we all get treated like criminals just because we have the unmitigated gall to want to ride an airplane. Whatever. I still had enough time once I finally made it through the security shithole to buy the new Entertainment Weekly (Matt Smith on the cover and a feature on the 25 best cult shows? yes please!) and some soft pretzels and a Diet Coke. (I love the soft pretzels at the Philly airport. I think they’re from the Philly Pretzel Factory. They’re nearly as awesome as Wawa soft pretzels.)

And now I’m back in Tampa. And that sucks. But at least I still have almost a month before classes start 🙂

And just so I end on a good note, here’s Bobby Rydell singing “Wildwood Days.”

Until tomorrow.


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