This Is Me Not Caring

You may have noticed that I haven’t said much about the Olympics. This is because I haven’t been watching. And the not watching hasn’t been a protest of NBC Sports’ willful ignorance of the way the world works (what do you mean people can find out who won hours before we deign to air the event? that’s unpossible). It’s the natural byproduct of my complete and utter lack of interest in the Olympics.

My interest in the Olympics has steadily declined for years. It used to be that I preferred the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics, but I’d still watch them both. Then I only went out of my way to watch the figure skating in the Winter Games and the gymnastics in the Summer Games. And then I just stopped going out of my way (read: tuning the TV to NBC) to watch the Olympics. If it’s on, I’ll watch it, but that’s pretty much it.

In 2008 NBC successfully built up my interest in the Michael Phelps story so that I would turn the Olympics on when he was going to race. But this year even the Phelps-Lochte non-drama couldn’t pique my interest.

I have no idea why some people get so completely caught up in the Olympics when other people (like myself) just couldn’t care less. It’s not that I think the Olympics are dumb or anything like that, they just don’t interest me. I don’t begrudge other people their Olympic mania, either; the most amusing part of the Olympics for me thus far has been the reactions of people who care. (Why oh why did I not know Samuel L. Jackson was talking about the Olympics on Twitter until a couple of days ago? His reactions are the best!)

I do wish that people wouldn’t get so caught up in the whole medal count thing, though. It’s not like we’re still in the Cold War, for crying out loud. And, not for nothing, but our medal count is a dumb point of pride. Sure, we’ve won more medals than India, but they’re getting all of our jobs. Which of those two is more important in the big picture? (I’m going with jobs.)

Until tomorrow.


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