Where Are My Pies?

Less than a month ago, I wrote this post about an extremely exciting discovery I’d made at my local Target: TastyKake pies. Well, today I went back to that Target for pretty much the first time since then and made a not so exciting discovery: the TastyKake pies are gone. And the little shelves they were sitting on are gone as well; it’s as if the Brandon Target never sold TastyKake pies at all. But they did. And it is complete and utter crap for them to tease me with TastyKake pies and then take them away. I was really looking forward to buying some more pies today, too.

It’s not all bad news, though. I did get a survey on my receipt, which I plan to use to rail against the unfairness of giving me something I love and then taking it away again.

Until tomorrow.


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